Our Total Mission

We like to think of ourselves as a match making service between our users and universities based on so much more than just education! A small enterprise with universal ambition, that's us pretty much wrapped up in a virtual nutshell. Transparency is our thing, we are not backed by government or educational bodies and that's how we like it! We are huge believers in the education systems around the globe. Yes our ambitions are huge, we want to be able to one day represent the earth's students, but hey we all need to start somewhere so we picked the UK as the place to encompass our mantra - to showcase the amazing educational journey from the students perspective, not the institutes’.

We love education, we love universities, we love the empowerment of knowledge; there are loads of really cool sites out there that showcase theses points perfectly, however we believe that going to university is not just about the course you will study or the halls of residence, it's simply so much more; it's about the life journey you will start, the friendships you will make, the places you will hang out in and remember for the rest of your life; it's about the partying you enjoy and the city, town, or countryside you will live in! To us at the Total University Guide we believe a combination of all of this information should inform you when choosing the ideal place to study. It's simple to us, how can global students appreciate all these factors if they are simply served information from institutes on courses and university ranking alone? That's where our mantra comes in, we will always strive to provide information that encompasses everything that will give you the best possible out come to the start of your life journey.

About the Total University Guide

The star rating and site content used is based on a number of sources including personal experience, student feedback and openly available material. If you would like to contact us about any of the site content please use the contact us link at the bottom of each page. We will respond quickly to any requests.

About us

We are simply enthusiasts who want students to really get to know the places they are considering studying at; we want them to virtually explore the area, the nightlife, the student union, the university and much more; let's face it going to university is expensive so it's important you have as much information as possible.

We are at the start of our journey, have huge ambitions to grow and will be working hard to develop our site so we can continually improve all the information we believe is integral in your life journey. We are hugely dependant on you as users and students, we opening and humbly ask that you do your bit for our movement and share away on social media, give us feedback and of course continue to be awesome.

If you have any feedback about our site please email us.